Friday, October 17, 2008


I've always enjoyed a beverage or two. But beer is something I have never really understood. Oh, I have drunk it. And I have enjoyed it. But to understand it...that is something else all together. To the point where I've been out with an acquaintance and ordered something like a Blue Moon or Killian's...Something affordable, drinkable, and leading to a buzz. You know, a freaking beer. And then said acquaintance will comment or, worse, ask me a question about my preference of hops-to-barley ratio/Belgium vs. German style/short vs. stout/handle vs. spout... And I get overwhelmed and look around frantically for a television with a football game (which for me is truly an act of desperation) or something to change this disastrous route of small talk.

Looking back I realize that my choice of beer has always been influenced by outside sources. In college we drank Leinenkugel's honeyweiss. I'm not sure why, except maybe we thought it tasted like honey and was cheap yet showed more depth than PBR or Bud. At the lesbian bar it was Miller Lite. I recall being told that that was The Lesbian Beer. Who even knew?

But I find myself nearing my 30th birthday. I am a professional, educated woman. I think, perhaps, it's time to grow up. And figure out what beer I truly like.


  1. I remember being "weened on" to beer by drinking Leinenkugel's Berryweiss and getting mad at Mark when he pronounced it the German way - "Berry - VICE." God, this is America. Great blog, Sarah!

  2. Just ran across your blog and am enjoying what I've seen so far. I have a similar approach to beer, although I may be a more dedicated beer drinker; I'm always searching for new and better, and I realize I don't know nearly enough. I guess I'm that way about everything.
    Only posting as Anonymous because I haven't a clue how else to.
    Thankks for a good read, though


  3. Thanks for posting! It's a fun hobby...I've actually been learning a lot more than I ever thought I would since I started this blog. Thanks for reading.

  4. I think that Leinenkugel was one of the $1 beers at the Coughy Haus...and Spotted Cow was $2 and more of a splurge. I wish I'd found your blog earlier.