Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Melbourne Bros. Apricot

OMG, how cute is this bottle?! I saw it in a local liquor store with a wide variety of beers sold individually. When one is not too familiar with the beer lingo, one goes with things like packaging and price. In this case, the packaging sold me but I could not find a price. When I brought it up to the cash register, which had several people working behind it, they all inspected it with strange looks. Clearly none of them had seen this beverage before, and they certainly did not know how much it cost. The barcode did not work, so one ventured, "$4.99?" and the other replied, "How about $3.99." This did not instill confidence.
Back to the packaging - it's kind of old fashioned looking, with lots of pictures of apricots and interesting script. It tells me it is made in Great Britain. The bottle itself is also a unique shape, and heavier than normal...Sturdy, which gives the illusion of quality. I like old-fashioned, fruity stuff so I gave it a shot.
This beer sat in my fridge for a few days, casting a spell of cool mystique among its less-cool peers. The withered spinach, the leftover stuffing just shrugged back into their corners, knowing they could not compete with a bottle like this.
Okay, but onto the tasting. It's hump night, so why not?
I crack it open. This time I do have a clean glass so I pour it in and take a sip. My initial thought? Gross with an even grosser aftertaste of plastic. Bleh.
But I'm not one to give up. I go over to the sofa to sit with my girlfriend. When I bring the glass up to give it another sip, I believe her actual words were, "Oh my god that smells fucking disgusting get that away from me." Now, she is not a beer fan and does not enjoy the smell on my breath or otherwise. But this was a little extreme and did not win the beverage any extra points.
I continue to sip it over the course of a couple of hours. I actually like it more over time. It's extremely sweet and fruity. It basically tastes like fermented marmalade. I believe this is considered a "lambic" which means fruit, in this case apricot, is added towards the end of the brewing process. If beer has fruit in it, does it always have to be a lambic? I do not know.
Overall, I would not try this again, but I regret nothing.


  1. Are you choosing the beers by the cuteness of the bottle? That's what I would do. But, then again I've decided I don't really like 90% of beers. Maybe soon you'll be able to recommend to me beers I'll like. I do like Guinness.