Saturday, October 18, 2008


I purchased a nice chilly 22 oz. can (if it's in a can rather than a bottle, does one still call it a "deuce?")of Sapporo, a Japanese brew that I've had once or twice but not in a while. I drank this while watching "The Office" and eating Chinese food. Unfortunately, I had no didn't have any clean glasses so I drank from the can. My first thought was that it was bitter, which cut the sweetness of the duck sauce nicely. It was also very cold, perhaps due to the bi-metal can, which the website explains is why you cannot squeeze it like you can a regular aluminum can. Let's face it, with Sapporo it's all about the package. There is something very appealing about the curvy shiny silver sexy can. I also learn that there is a small amount of rice in this beverage, which I would guess is not common in beers. I learn this is a "light-bodied lager."
My conclusion: Meh. It's fine. It tastes fine, I really like the can, but for 22 oz. I would expect to feel at least a little tipsy which I totally don't. But that could also be due to the large amount of vegetable mu shu that it mixed with in my soon-to-be beer gut.

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  1. It sounds kind of like you're saying "I don't mind the taste!"