Monday, November 24, 2008

Comparative Study #3: Mango vs. Strawberry

So, a while back I saw banana bread beer at a liquor store in Plymouth. I've never seen it anywhere else, and, curiosity may get the better of me but hey, beer = good, banana bread = good, so what's the problem? I went there in hopes of getting a bottle last weekend but the shelf was empty. There is a chubby, nerdy guy who works there who is very smiley and nice...I feel like we could bond in our chubby-nerdy-beer-love, but unfortunately I need to prepare if I'm going to get over my anxiety enough to talk to an actual stranger. Instead I grabbed this Fruli Strawberry as the bottle is little (8.4 oz.) and cute and it was cheap. It's from a Belgium brewery and is supposed to be 70% white beer (witbeer) and 30% fruit juice. The aforementioned store clerk assured me it was delicious while I blushed and fished for cash. Dammit. Next time I'll ask about the banana bread beer. Anyways, the Fruli looks like a murky grapefruit juice with very thin head and tiny little bits...I can only assume are pieces of strawberry pulp. It smells and tastes of strawberry jam. It's light and fizzy and easy to drink down. It's refreshing; I could see drinking this in the summer. Possibly out of the bottle with a straw because it feels like sodapop. Super sweet. Almost too sweet but I've got a heck of a sweet tooth.

In the past when I've seen fruit beers (mainly blueberry or cherry) I have always gotten excited and then have been disappointed. They are usually somewhat grody, kind of like when people mix chocolate and fruit. It's a good theory, but some things are better left separate.

Thus leads me to the mango. When I saw this Tropical Mango Ale I was very excited. I've never seen a mango beer (even though I'm learning that there are many) and I love mango. It is out of the Virgin Islands, brewed and bottled by Shipyard in Maine. Upon pouring it I was very excited at first. It smelled strongly of mango, was a pretty amber color, with a nice head and lacing (does this ever not get funny?). The first few sips were nice. The mango was not overwhelming but it was the dominant taste. But it started to get old fast. It started to taste watered-down and too bitter for the mango. It's strange, at first it seemed like this luscious tropical paradise type of drink...But I guess after a few sips the novelty wore off, like a ratty old bikini disintegrating after one too many wears.

Fruli Strawberry: B
Tropical Mango pale ale: C


  1. BIKINI??? You are a genius.

    1. I think the strawberry one sounds lovely and would like to invite you for a date next summer - strawberry beer on the lanai!

    2. My father would be proud of your discretion regarding fruit and chocolate - he is a purist like you. No wonder you get along so well...

  2. I agree about the chocolate and fruit thing. I feel like the fruit always ruins the chocolate or maybe the chocolate ruins the fruit?