Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comparitive Study #2: Brooklyn Ale vs. Brooklyn Lager

"Hello, Brooklyn!" (Beastie Boys, and probably others)

A very simple comparative study. 2 regular old beers, from the same brewery which is given high marks and high regards according to my research.

The Brooklyn Penant Ale '55 is named in honor of the Dodgers' glory in 1955. I do not know crap about baseball but the bottle caught my eye and thought it might impress my lady who does enjoy baseball.

I poured both of these in identical glasses at the same time. Both looked exactly the same. The color of dark honey. 3 fingers of foam. Not much to the smell at first but I've learned to give it a minute. The lager's head dissipated a little more quickly than the ale. It released a slightly citrusy smell compared to a more mild smell of the ale. But honestly? Could not tell much of a difference.

On to the tasting: Not much of a difference at first. I realized the lager was slightly more "crisp" which is a fancy word for carbonation or "fizz". And the ale was a little "creamier".

Lager vs. Ale seems like one of the most basic comparisons on the road to beer sophistication. I fret. The difference is the way the yeast is used in the fermentation process which is so boring to read about. It's like high school chemistry class. As much as it's painful, I know it's important. I try, I try. In short: ale = creates yeast by-products called esters which are fruity. Also the yeast in ale ferments at the top. Lager is more of a "bottom" (why is beer so full of sexual innuendos??) with fewer yeast by-products and more hops. God. I hope that's enough education for today.

The more I drink it, the more of a difference I can tell, even though they still look like twins. Both are fine, not stellar in my opinion, but I am enjoying the Brooklyn lager more. The ale is boring and not worth the bitter aftertaste. The lager's citrusy smell and taste is refreshing. LA LA LAGER it 'tis!


  1. I'm laughing so hard. A "Bottom?" And all this talk about yeast? I'm sorry, but I think I'm starting to understand why I drink vodka and not beer.

    Still, your blog is fantastic.

  2. oh yeah, not to mention creaminess, 3 fingers, head, tops and bottoms...beer is all about sex. but beer breath = not sexy. now, there is a contradiction to ponder.