Monday, November 17, 2008

A Cure For What Ails/Ales Ye: Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout

Hey gals,

You know the feeling. The moodiness. That once-a-month feeling. Sometimes more, sometimes less. TMI, I know! But hear me out.

Truth be told, it was not PMS for me this weekend. But it was crabbiness and moodiness, in part due to the darkness and rain and being stuck inside and having a sore back. But there was light at the end of the tunnel.

First, my librarian gf clued me into Beer Book and I was amazed when I went to the library and a pristine copy was actually in the new nonfiction area. I snagged it so fast, amazed at my luck. This is like porn for beer lovers; it's a review 800 breweries around the world and looks at some of their sample beers. It's a fun book with tons of colorful photos and a bottle to represent each brewery.

Then I went for the Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout along with some delicious dark chocolate. You can see the picture, with the price tag tackily left on. When I had all this on the table I thought it would make a great photo but the head went down a bit while I searched for the camera. But still dark and purty! It smelled of very bitter chocolate. It drank of the same. It went with the dark chocolate very well. The 10% ABV helped too, as I lay on the couch playing video games. This is a cure to remember.


  1. HAHAHA!! Ales you! Brilliant wordplay.

    Also brilliant (unintentional?) wordplay on the part about the head going down. How mature are you to write that without laughing?

    Awesome entry.

  2. Tonight I tried a Belgian brew called "Delerium." I really liked it. I had ordered a Duvel (which I love love love) but they were all out, so the waitress suggested Delerium to accompany my porcini-crusted Halibut with sauteed spinach and Prince Edward Island mussles. Yes, really. It was very good but my favorite part was that the beer came in a fancy glass; it was shaped like a glass one would drink brandy in, but it had the "Delerium" logo all over it. It was $10 which is pricer than I would usually like to pay, so I only drank one. I still prefer Duvel, but it was still pretty darn good. Oh, it's Belgian, I should say "C'est vachement magnifique!"

  3. Your website inspired me to look up the beer I drank tonight. The full name is Delerium Tremens, and it won two "Best Beer in the World" contests! Also, the bottle it comes in is very pretty. That's about all I have to say about it.

  4. Awesome! I actually have a bottle of Duvel waiting for me at home and I put it in the fridge to chill for my next tasting cuz you inspired me. I will totally look for Delerium Tremens too. Sweet.

  5. Oh yeah and how/where did you get such a fancy shmancy meal??

  6. Carolyn and I went to see someone at SLC speak about her experiences (as a white, middle-class, British single woman) adopting a young Latino boy from the lower Bronx, and since we got a babysitter for Avery we decided to make an evening of it and went to an awesome place called the Taphouse in Tuckahoe. Absolutely my new favorite restaurant.

    Did I mention that they serve "bacon popcorn" as an appetizer? Yes, it is popcorn popped in bacon fat and mixed with cooked bacon. So it's what it sounds like. Goes good with beer.