Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 12 Beers of Xmas: #1-4

I have a project called the 12 Beers of Xmas. So far I've done 4, as depicted along with my Special Bottle Opener. It's taken about 10 minutes of hard work but it's paid off nicely thus far. Naw, just kidding, several days have been utilized, slaving over the process of drinking cold ones, in hopes of finding the ultimate Winter/Xmas brew.

#1: He'Brew Rejewvinator
On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me...Uh...Well a week before Xmas I went to the booze store and bought myself...

He'Brew Rejewvinator
from the Schmaltz Brewing company. Because I'm inclusive like that. And have to get back to my Jew roots.

22 oz. bottle with some biblical quotes and other facts about figs, like how the fig leaf covers David's private parts.

It proclaims it is Year of the Fig. And it's "Harvest to Harvest Ale". I can't figure out if that is winter or summer. I'm going to guess winter because that goes with the theme of this current blog, plus figs = figgy pudding = winter, right? right.

It pours a deep purple/brown. Little head and no lacing.
It smells fruity, figgy, malty.
It's thick and plumby at first. Then starts feeling heavy and boozey at 7.8%ABV. It reminds me of too much fruit cake or rum balls. I regret it as it does NOT go well with my cheap-ass sushi dinner and was a little more pricey than I'd usually pay.

"The Chosen Beer?" Not so much, unfortunately.

Beer #2: Atwater's Winter Bock
On the 2nd day of Xmas beer tasting, it was snowing! Only the 2nd time it's snowed out here in New England all winter (so far). A perfect mood for a winter ale.

Upon picking up this bottle of Atwater's Winter Bock I like it.
a) it's from Michigan, like me
b) the picture on the label looks like a hand turkey, but with snow on the finger tips

It also describes it well...As a "malty, sweet dark-amber colored German style bock beer...Makes it the perfect companion on a cold night." Brrr...I'm in!
It looks luscious. A very dark amber, with a thick light brown head that recedes quickly with nice lacing.
Smells not strong...A little malty. After a while it reminds me of peanut butter.
Tastes clean, mild, but not super sweet or flavorful. It's a smooth and easy drink but the aftertaste is watery and it feels thin.


Well, shucks, so far this is not going well, until...

#3: Abita's Christmas Ale
Oooooh I like this. Pours brown but has some red, reminds me of dark strawberry jam. Very crisp and mild. Smells of berries, nuts, malt. The bottle is a short-and-wide which is fun and cute to hold. A little sweet, a little bitter to equal a balanced YUM. I learn this is lighter than their usual Christmas Ale, and I'm liking it.


Which leads us to tonight's:

#4: Harpoon Winter Warmer

This was recommended to me by some friends who know their beer. And oh boy, I am not disappointed. Immediately upon opening this Winter Warmer I'm hit by smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice. And those are the strong flavors of the beer. It actually does remind me of a pumpkin ale. It's a little spicy, sweet, crisp. I am enjoying it!


This is just getting better and better! To BE(er) continued...


  1. I see what you mean about puns and beer...He'Brew?? Aw jeez...

  2. "i skipped work today to drink ten beers!"

  3. Hey there. This is Zak from Shmaltz Brewing Company, the makers of HE'BREW Beer. Sorry the Rejewvenator didn't light up your Christmas Tree. It was actually our spring seasonal and is a half-doppelbock, half Belgian-inspired dubbel brewed with fig, so it definitely has that ultra-floral Belgian maltiness. If you find it, you should try to pick up a bottle of Jewbelation 12, which is our anniversary ale/extreme Chanukah beer. It's brewed with 12 malts, 12 hops, and is 12% alc. It's very delicious and has been getting amazing reviews this season. Anyhow, have a very Merry Christmas. L'Chaim!

  4. That does sound pretty amazing. Thanks Zak!