Friday, December 19, 2008

The 12 Beers of Xmas: #5-8

I mean, what else is one to do while snowed in?

#5: Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale

I enjoyed this ale with its lovely detailed bottle.
It is honey-colored with a nice fluffy head and good retention.
There's mild carbonation, and a little citrus-y on the nose and in taste.
It's smooth, good, and slightly bitter. I like it, but nothing super memorable about it. I do learn that British Winter ales such as this tend to lack the spice that many U.S. winter ales have, and I think I miss the spice. Still good though.


#6: Rogue Santa's Ale

Rogue certainly has a great reputation but I don't think I've ever tried any of their brews before. Another kitsch-y looking bottle as seems to be popular this season. It's beautiful looking - red, mountains of foam. Citrus-y, bitter, and hoppy. It's another good beer but lacking in the holiday spice that I am craving.


#7: Sam Adam's Winter Lager

Sam Adam also has a great reputation for winter beers, most notably this one and Fezziwig (soon to come!) so I was excited to try both of these.

A lovely amber colored with a huge fluffy head. There is definitely some noticeable cinnamon spice but it's more subtle than the pie flavor of the Harpoon Winter Warmer. I like the spice, I like the flavor. It's smooth and tasty. The bottle recommends having it with apple pie or a gingerbread cookie, which sadly, I do not have.


#8: Sam Adam's Old Fezziwig Ale

Oh boy. Immediately there is a smell of cocoa powder upon pouring it. Also some cinnamon and citrus. It's a nice dark brownish-amber, and a nice light brown fluffy head. It's toasty, pleasant, nice, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I feel like it's a little thick or slick, leaving a malty coating in my mouth (which is not a bad thing). It's complex and delicious. It's all about the hint of cocoa for me. Perfect for winter, but too heavy for more than 1.


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