Friday, December 19, 2008


If any of you get to see Beer: How Stuff Works on the Discovery channel, I highly recommend it.

I learned a lot and took a bunch of notes.

Most notable facts:
There are 2 schools in the US that currently offer Master's Degrees in Brewing.

Bud light is the #1 sold beer in the world.

Hops are related to cannibis (I recently learned this but it was reiterated during the show).

When yeast is added, fermentation happens which is a natural process. Most places use encased steel containers, others use open air containers, and fancy places use old school oak barrels to ferment. Also the fermentation process looks disgusting.

A lot of focus was on Dogfish Head brewing. They recently made an ale based on scrapings from pottery from 1200 BC by the Aztecs! The oldest beer discovered. It was released this past September and won't be released again until next July. I totally want to try it.

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  1. You should come visit and we'll go on some brewery tours. It will be totally educational. And it will smell very bad.