Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not really a beer: Strongbow English Cider

I was in the Detroit airport yesterday for 3 hours during a layover. I kind of enjoy layovers. I usually read a whole bunch, eat some overpriced fast food, people-watch. Not bad.

This time I sat in an "Irish Pub" and ordered a Strongbow English Cider on draft. Normally I would not go for a hard cider but there were advertisements for it ALL OVER the bar and I got excited to try THE BEST CIDER! I've never been too into cider, I know I had some Woodchuck back in college but this was better.

It was good. It looked just like apple juice with no visible carbonation to speak of. It smelled slightly sweet and mostly like apples. It tasted nice and crisp, not too sweet, with some tart aftertaste. It's very drinkable, I could have had a couple of these except it was in an airport and therefore expensive! I did enjoy drinking this while reading my crappy vampire fiction novel and observing the crowd. Specifically a super butch older lesbian who smiled at me, a very loud family who was disgruntled at having to choose coke products over pepsi products, and a couple of older gentlemen who worked in higher education and loudly debated on whether some colleague's beliefs helped or hindered students. I did not enjoy the fact that the glass was filled up to the brim and when I picked it up, some dribbled onto my pants. But, I figured it was good to smell slightly of cider rather than slightly of beer.



  1. dude, i don't like cider, but you just made it sound really good. i wanna try it!

    oh yeah, it's valerie. for some reason i changed my name to 123456789 and now i can't find where to change it back

  2. This cider is fantastic. And a Snakebite is an excellent variety to add. I think it's strongbow and lager.

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