Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me: Hoppin' Frog Smashing Berry Dark

Happy Birthday to ME, I live in a TREE, I am now THIRTY, and love a FROGGY.

Seriously, I love frogs. Which is why my gf bought me a Hoppin' Frog Smashin' Berry Dark Ale to try. So nice! I've also pointed these beers out to her before, but have had to decline on account of them being pricey.

So I was excited to get to try this. Upon opening the bottle my gf exclaims, "It smells good! Wow, I've never said that about a beer." Impressive, no? And it does - the smell of fruit pours out of the bottle.

It pours a dark brown with a hint of red around the edges. Not much foam to speak of, and it dissipates almost instantly.

It tastes of strawberries, grapes, raspberries. A hint of chocolate and bread as well. After a while it reminds me too much of grape soda. It is smooth, not overly carbonated, and definitely a sipper. It took me a good hour and a half to finish the 22 ounces.

I would give it a B- but on account of my gf giving it to me and the cute frog on the bottle, it gets a B!

Um, my gf also gave me a bottle of Banana Bread Beer for which she is definitely getting an A.

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