Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrate Good Times: Sierra Nevada Celebration & A Bargain

Oh god was I cranky today. Mostly due to that whole job thing. It made me frown a lot. After work I was ready to either drink a pot of coffee and work all night to get on top of things, or drink a beer and relax and forget about work (or try to). I voted for the latter.

But first I had some errands to run. I found this cute set of 4 retro-looking Miller glasses with an ice bucket on clearance at Target for $5 (normally $20). That made me happy. Hell, any 4 glasses for $5 isn't bad and these are decent and pretty cool and old-fashioned looking.

Then I went back to trying a new winter ale. This time a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. This is an award-winning India Pale Ale. It's amber, kind of cloudy, pretty, nice lacing. Smells of citrus, grapefruit, slightly spicy. Not very spicy tasting though, mostly bitter. It's got bite and is crisp. I do not think my palate is sophisticated enough to really distinguish between the many IPAs out there. Maybe that will be a future project. It's definitely tasty and refreshing and, you know, my mood may have improved a bit.


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