Sunday, January 18, 2009

strange spices: ginger and coriander

A couple of days ago I pulled an all-nighter and worked 19 hours straight, took a 2 hour break, then worked another 11 hours straight.

Everything went great! Except I was broken. Very broken. I knew I needed to go to bed ASAP but first wanted to unwind.

I had 2 brews with some unusual flavors.

1: Juju Ginger from our friends at the Lefthand Brewery in Colorado. I tried to find why the brewery calls itself "Left Hand" hoping it was similar in reason to Flanders' Leftorium, but no such luck. I did find that the Left Hand Brewery hosts a women-only craft beer group ("Ales for Females"). Sassy!

Juju Ginger is an ale with organic ginger added. It does not smell overly of ginger, but the taste is strongly ginger. It's smooth and mild, without the strong bite of some ginger beers (as in ginger, that is ginger soda). It's tasty, easy to drink, a little watery, and not much going on besides the ginger. I like ginger. I think it would be good on a hot summer's day with some spicy food. B

2: Traquair Jacobite Flavored Ale with Coriander from Traquair House in Scotland.
Oh MAN is this one interesting. It pours a very dark brown with an amber swirl. There is little head. It smells of plumbs, raisins. Upon smelling this, I expect to smell coriander. Then I realize - I have no clue what coriander smells or tastes like. I check my spice cabinet...No such luck. I drank this very slowly and enjoyed the different tastes that came out of it at different points. My first sip tasted like coffee and was very sweet. After a while I could taste cherries and plumbs. Then at about the half-way point I start smelling something that could ONLY be described as coriander. Somehow I just knew it. I think this is a complex drink with a lot of flavors and smells going on. It felt like a meal and is definitely one to savor. A-

3: Another unusual flavor: chili peppers! I have not actually had this but have heard some entertaining reviews of Crazy Ed's Chili Beer. Interested? Check it out:

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