Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here is my handle, Here is my STOUT: Milk and Chocolate

Last time I ventured into the land of Porters...Now I'm giving Stouts a shot.

A little internet research tells me that there is little distinction between Porters and Stouts. Porters are a little more old-school, and Stouts basically incorporate roasted malts.
First is a "Milk Stout" from the Left Hand Brewery. It's pretty drool-a-riffic. I'll put it out there right now: I like beer. I like chocolate. I like coffee. This is the "coffee with cream and sugar" of beers. It pours a dark brown with red highlights. The brief half-finger head dissipates in a few seconds, but there is a surprising amount of carbonation. It smells and tastes of dark fruits, malts, coffee, nuts. It feels a little thin, very smooth and pleasant.

I read that it has won 2 gold medals in the World Beer Cup for the sweet stout competition. Yep, there are Beer-lympics! So, apparently this is a stout in which "milk sugar" is added, making it a "sweet stout" which apparently is its own genre. Its the first I've had of this type, but so far, so great.


The next one I try is from the Fort Collins Brewery and is a simply labeled "Chocolate Stout." I have to say, compared to my last Chocolate Stout its pretty disappointing. It pours a black with dark brown around the top when the light comes through. It's half-finger of foam disappears instantly. The smell...Is funky. I don't know what it smells like, but it's bad. I smell a little bit of hops, maybe an extremely subtle chocolate...And funk. The first taste reminds me of meat! Its smokey. Perhaps this is the "roasted malts?" I do taste some coffee and maybe an extremely subtle chocolate taste. Some hops. Its okay, nothing I'd go back for.


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  1. The first one sounds very cool. I'll have to check it out.