Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kid Rock Beer

A MI brewing company is releasing a Kid Rock Beer.

*SIGH*. So many good musicians from MI. Madonna. Iggy Pop/Stooges. Um, that whole Mo-Town thing!

Why Kid Rock, why? As an (ex)Michigander, I must hang my head in shame.

The thing is, it is a $7 million dollar project, which will add lots of badly-needed jobs.

It's such a gimmick. His music is bad, I can only assume his beer will be bad too.

Then again, you know if I see this in the store I will have to try it.

Curses! They know what they're doing.


  1. Will it be right next to the Limp Bizkit Whiskey and the Korn wine?

  2. i like his recent hit "all summer long." Don't judge me!

  3. omg. The next time we're in our home state we are TOTALLY getting kid rock beer together.