Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wet Hopping, eh? Sierra Nevada's 12th Release Harvest - Wet Hops Ale

So most beers use hops that have been dried. But some get a little fancy and add wet hops - freshly picked hops! Since the flavor gets more dense when hops dry (like herbs, I reckon), you have to add 6 times more wet hops to get the same amount of flavor.

So I picked up a bottle of his Sierra Nevada 12th Release Harvest Wet Hops Ale, curious to see if I could tell a difference.

Oh man. Appearance = gorgeous reddish honey with a thick, mountainous head (despite an intentionally gentle pour) that lasted forever with beautiful lacing.

Smell = mostly citrus, pleasant

Tastes = delicious! slight citrus, pines, plant-like but in a good way. Nice bitterness.

Mouthfeel = crisp and light

Drinkability = excellent. I felt like I could drink a couple of these 24 oz. bad boys (but only had one which was probably a good thing).


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  1. Oh excellent. I'll have to try it this weekend. I'm pumped.