Monday, March 2, 2009

A Belgium Stout and a Belgian (style) Ale and Puns

1) Omegang Witte. The Omegang Brewery is from Cooperstown, NY and makes Belgian style Ales.

I was excited to bust this bomber open. It is my first beer sealed by cork!

Appearance - cloudy light yellow, small head, dissipates quickly
Smells - citrus, not strong
Tastes - light, wheaty, mild spice
Feels - very light and crisp
Drinkability-very high, could have a couple. This is light, crisp, and refreshing, would be a good "session beer" in summer. This is a new term I learned - "session beer" =
a beer you can have several of without getting drunk and/or sick of it.

I enjoyed this with Fudgy the Whale which was a good luck gift to my sister who is auditioning for music schools. Total sophistication.

2) The Belgian Stout was a De Dolle Export Stout which is made primarily for export to the US, so it seems.

It's an odd bottle, old fashioned looking, as it's a 200 year old beverage. It's 11.2 ounces and 9% ABV.

Upon cracking it slightly open, foam starts pouring out slowly but thickly. It's slow enough that I can run it to the sink without spilling too much. Why does this happen? It was in the fridge, and then sat on the counter for 20 minutes or so. I didn't shake it or do a dance with it. Anyways, it took forever to pour. No matter how gently or how much of an angle I used, the foam was crazy. Even when the bottle was half-empty, it peaked up through the top like a worm. After reading a few reviews of this, I see I am not alone in this. Besides that, the appearance was pitch-black and the thick, mountainous worm-like foam was brown. The smell was of dark fruits, grapes, coffee, dark chocolate. The taste was bitter, dark, and roasty-toasty. It feels thick from the foam. Drinkability? This one is a sipper and feels like a meal. I wanted to like this but it was too much trouble, and too bitter, for my taste. I think I'm starting to learn that I don't like strong/bitter stouts. This is good!

Omegang Witte: A-
Fudgey the Whale: A
De Dolle Export Stout: C-

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