Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's!

Alright. I'm not Irish. Nor will I ask you to kiss me. However, I respect all things Irish and an excuse to drink a beer.

Today I went to Yankee Spirits which is a huge local liquor store with an overwhelming (but fun) beer selection. For $11 you get a "mixed case" of surprise craft beer. I never got one before, but I got some decent stuff! A couple of Smuttynose IPAs, some German dark ale - Optimator Spaten, and a few others. I also splurged on an Avery's Beast. I'm excited about that one. Not sure how long I'll be able to wait to try it. But it's 16.4%abv and super dark and complex. That one will be an event.

But tonight, it's smooth and easy refreshment.

Included in the mixed case was the answer of "What to drink tonight?" Wachusett's Quinn's Amber Ale, complete with four leaf clovers on the bottle.

Question: the use of the 3-leaved shamrock was to symbolize the holy trinity. So why is the 4-leaf clover "lucky?"

Irish red ales are a little sweet, a little hoppy, a little tea-like, and easy to drink.

This one is no exception. It pours a lovely amber, 2 fingers of foam, and lots of visible carbonation and lacing. I have a cold and can't smell much. It is very smooth and easy to drink, a "high drinkability," if you will, with a little bit of nutty sweetness at the front, a little bitter towards the end. Nothing too startling, a nice and pleasant beverage.


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