Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BEASTS! Avery's and Beauty's.

It's a "tale as old as time."
Beauty's Beast and Avery's Beast, a Belgian Dark Ale. They have many similarities.

1) they are huge (in size and/or character)
2) they are intimidating
3) they have huge-ass teeth
4) they hope to get the ladies (or to help you get the ladies?)
5) they will seduce you
6) Beauty's Beast hangs out with singing teapots. After a couple of Avery's Beasts, you will think you are hanging out with singing teapots.

This beer will pick you up, drop kick you, and then punch you in the face. It will then win you over. Slowly. With time. Like Beauty's Beast. It's just misunderstood. Really. Don't be afraid of the glowing red eyes and sharp teeth. Don't be afraid of the 16.42%ABV. Don't be afraid of the strongly boozey fig/date/raisin smell and taste. The first couple of sips were odd. I honestly could not tell if I liked it or not, which was basically how the entire drink went. After a bit, the beer got warmer (and I got warmer) and it became a little more enjoyable. But this is majorly boozey ale, and the last couple of sips were like pure alcohol.

I would definitely recommend trying this once. The $8 is steep, but this is a perfect beer for sharing with others. While I won't try it again, I'm glad to see what THE BEAST was all about. Perhaps it really is a seducer.



  1. Avery's beast! Did you think about your nephew when you drank this? Sometimes he's a beast.

  2. Yes I definitely thought about Avery! He's too cute to be a beast. But of course I'm biased and was extra excited to try this because of the name. Avery's has other beers I'll try - some just as intense looking as The Beast but others look less scary.

  3. I totally assumed this blog would be about a toy your nephew Avery has. A beast toy. That would have been good, but this blog was fantastic! I'm amazed at how boozey it is...