Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling Hoppy: Several IPAs as of late

1) Sierra Nevada Torpedo. Is it possible to fall in love with a beer? That's not creepy, right? Because I may have found a life partner here. This is awesome. Super hoppy, super fresh tasting, awesome sticky foam, citrus, spicy, overall YUM and AWESOME. Lately I am starting to think that Sierra Nevada can do no wrong. I'll have another. A+

2) Green Flash Brewing: West Coast IPA Now, this one has won lots of awards and is supposed to be amazing. I learned something! IBUs = bitterness. This one has 95 IBUS and most India Pale Ales have 40-60. So this is a bitter one. It smells strongly of florals, citrus, and pines. This is some in-your-face-hopness. It's considered a "double IPA". Overall I enjoyed it but it was a little too bitter for me, plus there was an occassional very slight taste of something almost...Soap like. Perhaps just the bitterness. B

3) Smuttynose IPA This one poured a lovely orange hue, with 1 finger of fluffy off-white foam, bits of floaty yeast (I know this is okay, but I don't really like seeing little chunks in my brew), and sticky lacing. It was smooth and refreshing, with good amounts of hoppy bitterness and grapefruit taste. Nothing super duper memorable, but good plus it gets extra points for being from Portsmouth, NH (my home for 3 years). B+

4) Harpoon IPA
Dude, whatever. I like Harpoon. I enjoyed a couple of these at an Irish Pub. It's nothin' special, not super flavorful, but a pleasant beer nonetheless. However, I will now always associate it with a ridiculously fun night that basically turned into a bachelor party for me hosted by strangers. Here, here. A!!!

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