Monday, April 13, 2009

Joss Geek, Chess Geek, Beer Geek: Mayflower IPA

This past weekend was quite the geeky one. On Friday I got to see Joss Whedon get an award at Harvard for cultural humanism. It was really great; he spoke about his faith being one of secularism and how that is portrayed in some of his work. I'm a bit of a poser; I am not very familiar with his work, although I do enjoy me some Buffy. But it was fun, we got autographs, and there were some hardcore fans asking him to clarify detailed plot twists and quotes from various television episodes. He was also funny.

The following day I got to attend a chess workshop at a library taught by D. who did a great job. I'm not a good chess player; it is very difficult for me to plan ahead, in many aspects of my life. But it was fun and I learned about castling
and even got to play 2 games (won once!) and in both I "castled!" Total score!

After all of that my brain needed a break. Some fellow chess-ers and I went to the British Beer Company, where I had never been. As suspected, they had a fantastic selection of draught beers, and I chose a Mayflower IPA. A nice local beverage that I never had! When the pilgrims landed in Plymouth they discovered a sweet brook, the water of which Mayflower Brewing uses in its ales! It was a pretty orange with a small white head that stuck around for a bit. It smelled hoppy but with a strong citrus. I have not had tons of IPAs yet but this was one of the more citrusy ones I've had which made the taste super fresh and a definite high drinkability even with the overall bitter hops bite. YUM. Oh yeah and the veggie pasty and sweet potato fries rocked too.


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