Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Victorious I-P-A

See, it kind of sounds like "The Notorious B-I-G"...KindaSorta. Anyways, Victory Brewing is from Pennsylvania. Their logo reminds me of superheroes. I tried the Victory Lager and it was boring. So let's just get right to the HopDevil. Drool. 'Kay, first it is SO PRETTY! Reddish-Amber, clear with decent off-white head. The smell is mild - piney/citrusy hops, some sweet fruit, the usual. Okay, but the taste? Total yummy. Absolutely well balanced. There was a caramelly sweetness to balance it out, but it ended on a slightly bitter hops note. Delicious. Medium and thickness and carbonation, and high drinkability for sure. 6.7% ABV is still slightly high but this was not apparent in the taste, so go ahead, have another.
Victory HopDevil: A
Victory Lager: C

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