Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trivia Night and Arrogant Bastard

Okay, I discovered some new things that I love.
1) British Beer Company
Great beer selection, great food including: 2) Veggie Pasty with mushroom gravy and sweet potato fries, from said location.
3)Did I mention the great beer selection? I had 2 Arrogant Bastards on tap. Arrogant Bastard is pretty funny. There was a poster behind the bar similar to the website saying things like, "You're not worthy. You probably won't like it." This is an American Strong Ale which is a generic term for any ale with a higher than 7% ABV. It's a dark reddish brown with nice fluffy head and thick lacing on the glass. With the intimidating advertising I expected it to be hugely bitter, but it wasn't. It had some spice, some bitter hops, some citrus/pine-ness, but also some caramelly sweetness. I found it to be well balanced enough and enjoyed it enough to have a 2nd. Which at 7.2%ABV (and 20 ounce glasses) was really not necessary...But delicious.

4)Oh yeah and it was trivia night! I had never gone to a bar trivia night before. It was FUN. I thought it would be like, on-the-spot-like, with people shouting answers or buzzing buzzers, but instead it was quietly discussing and writing answers down on little slips of paper. I suck at trivia but my gf is super smart and rocked it (plus was more sober than me). Yet she never acted like an "arrogant bastard." We did really well, at one point we were in 2nd or 3rd I think, but did not end up winning. Some things I learned?
George Bush does not like broccoli.
Missouri and Tennesse are the states that border the highest number of other states(8).

Um...I can't remember others right now but it was totally fun.

A's all around!

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