Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comparative Study #5: 2 Hefeweizens Face Off

It's been a while since I did one of these! Today I'm writing about 2 Hefeweizens that faced off.
What is a "hefeweizen" you ask? WELL, it is a German Wheat beer with a ton of wheat, yeast known to produce banana and clove scents, not much bitterness, and it's unfiltered. I tried a German Paulaner Hefeweizen, and a Longtrail Hefeweizen from the good ol' US of A, specifically Vermont.

Appearance:Now, looking at these 2, I would not see much difference. The Paulaner was definitely a shade darker than the Longtrail. They both were cloudy, straw-colored, off-white head that left a ring around the glass.
Smell: Instantly the Longtrail gave off a strong banana scent, even as I was pouring it. Even after I added a lemon slice, the banana still came through. The Paulaner was much more subtle, some wheaty, beery smell. Once I added a lemon, it was all lemon.
Taste: The Paulaner had a strong wheat taste with a definite banana-like undertone. The Longtrail had a milder taste; the wheat was more mild and the banana was surprisingly subtle despite the smell.
Mouthfeel: Both were mild in carbonation, and smooth, but the Paulaner had more of a mouthfeel than the Longtrail. The Longtrail was more watery. Hee hee. "Mouthfeel."
Drinkability: Both excellent, light, refreshing, easy to drink.

Might I note how much I rocked this? I used the right kind of glasses, AND even had a lemon on hand (of course having a sliced lemon in the Hefeweizen is controversial, just like everything else in Beerworld).

Overall - a good summer style. Yet again the Germans seem to know what they are doing.
Paulaner Hefeweizen: A-
Longtrail Hefeweizen: B-

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