Thursday, June 4, 2009

Follies Leads to 3 types of Dogfish Head: 90 Minute, Palo Santo, Red and White

I saw some follies in my workplace today. Do you know what the word "follies" means?
1. A lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight.
a. An act or instance of foolishness: regretted the follies of his youth.
b. A costly undertaking having an absurd or ruinous outcome.
3. follies (used with a sing. or pl. verb) An elaborate theatrical revue consisting of music, dance, and skits

I don't mean to be a snot, but grown-ass men and women singing non-offensive "humorous" songs that we can all relate to in order to boost morale embarasses me. Especially when they turn actual songs into humorous songs. Such as "525,600 pot holes...How do you measure - measure a state?" a la Rent. Or "There's...A...Parking space for us" a la West Side Story. Are you blushing yet? Because I was. And partially because I have some musical background, I could not stop thinking...What if this was me? I mean these people had talent; they were really good singers. And I'd be happy to sing dorky songs to kids. Hell, I'd love to. But to professional men and women...I don't know. I could not really handle it. But I laughed and clapped along and tried to get into it. If only out of slight pity and major discomfort.
And then I ran. To a tavern I had never been to. Track 84 is an unassuming little dive-looking place on a dead-end road. It is great. Huge craft beer selection, reasonable prices, a barber chair to sit in, a couple of games to play, a juke box, and a huge barrel of peanuts to help oneself to. And they have a "no shots" policy. or at least a sign claiming as much, which I think is probably a good idea. When I entered every single seat was taken at the bar by middle aged men drinking bud light. I was anxious - sit near them awkwardly, or sit away from them awkwardly and risk looking like a snob? I sat near them and ordered a Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA on tap by the lovely barkeep who sported a skull tattoo on her wrist. I asked what other Dogfish Heads they had, and she gave me a free shot glass sample of Dogfish Head Palo Santo, a dark brown ale, super rich and sweet with 12% abv. So nice! I quickly made friends with a regular named Jim, who I hope to see again. He opened up to me quickly and we talked about beer, family, illness, and love.

DFH 90 Minute: an Imperial India Pale Ale (aka, an IPA that will kick other IPAs' butts)
A) Beautiful dark amber, 1-2 fingers off white head disappears quickly
S) Floral, hops, deliciousness
T) Hops, Pines, some fruits, caramel, do i detect a hint of banana?
M) Soft with a crisp bite
D) Very good

My buddies then came in. I finished my second 90 Minute IPA and bought a bomber of Dogfish Head Red and White and got 4 glasses to sample it from. Red and White is a witbier flavored with orange, coriandor, and Pinot Noir. It was unfiltered, orange, and I definitely tasted lots of orange and coriander, not sure about the Pinot Noir. It was definitely tasty, and a lovely ruby colored.

After that there were more shenanigans. We changed locations and I tried to convince my buddys to do karaoke, but no one would. And today that seems like probably a good idea; I'd hate to risk turning into a "folly" of my own.

90 Minute IPA: A A A!
Palo Santo: B+
Red and White: B+
Track 84: A
Follies: B for Blushing

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