Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rogue's Dead Guy Ale

So, I'm in NY hanging out with an awesome toddler, my awesome sister, and her awesome partner. For dinner we got some awesome Turkish take-out. Note the falafel sandwich and orange tabouli pictured!

So I needed an awesome beer. I've held onto this Dead Guy Ale for a long time. Which is funny because I have a memory of seeing it years ago, before I knew anything about craft beer, and just thought the name and packaging was funny. I recalled my Oregonian sister telling me it was big out there. But I haven't tried anything by Rogue yet besides an Xmas ale.

It poured an orange-ish light brown. It smelled mild - a bit of spice (cinnamon?), sweet malt. Taste was fairly mild too, mostly malts, a little sweet fruit/caramel. Mouthfeel was medium but maybe a little low on the carbonation. The drinkability was pretty high.

Overall? Bored. This is only my 2nd Maibock. With a name like Rogue's Dead Guy Ale, I was kind of hoping it would knock me on my ass (in a good way). It was good, but nothing super memorable. The previous Maibock I had (Einbecker) was delicious.



  1. Mouthfeel, eh? Sometimes I'm amazed that you're able to write this without peeing your pants...

  2. Sometimes things just "feel good" in your mouth.

  3. Gross. That was totally unsophisticated.

  4. I was also blah about Dear Guy the first time out. The I drank a 6'er and understood... Fret not, one day you will too.