Monday, June 22, 2009

"That Yeti is my Papa and He's Going to Protect Me!": 2 from Great Divide

For some reason, Jack Black's character in the best movie ever is really into Yeti. Play while reading:

Good beer is also really into Yeti types of legends, including Bigfoot. And this weekend I got to try 2 Yetis from Great Divide in CO.

1) Yeti Imperial Stout, described as "untamed" and "imposing," much like Yeti himself.

A) Pours pitch black with a small brown fluffy head (perhaps like the Yeti's head).
S) Nuts, roasted malts, mild grape, mild hops
T) Good! 75 IBUs means its bitter and balances out the sweeter tastes of coffee and caramel nicely.
MF) Thick and chewy, but not super slick
D) Very good. I split a bomber of this which was a good idea at 9.5% ABV, but if I wanted to, I could have enjoyed the entire bomber by myself.

2) The Yeti I was especially excited to try was the newer (and pricier) Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, which I eagerly cracked open the following day.
A) Pitch black, mounds of dark brown foam that lasted for several minutes. Beautiful lacing coated the glass.

S) The smell was surprisingly mild. Dark bitter chocolate was the only smell I could recognize at first. As it warmed up I could smell a bit of oak and vanilla, along with mild malts and hops.
T) At first it was nutty, and heavier on the oak taste. Then some cocoa and vanilla tones came through, but not overly sweet at all. Mild roasted malts, and a bitter hoppy note ended the taste. And then! The "splash of cayenne" comes through. Just a bit of spicy tingle, starting in my stomach and then becoming more noticeable with the taste.
MF) Thick, soft, and chewy
D) Very good. I admit, I had this bomber by myself. Another 9.5% ABV. Probably good to share, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Overall, both of these Yetis were awesome. They also make an Oak Aged Yeti, and an Espresso Oak Aged Yet, both I'd like to try.

As the Great Divide company says on their bottle caps: Great Minds Drink Alike.



  1. You absolutely picked the best line from the whole scene as your blog title. I laughed SO HARD as I read this!!!

  2. Obviously it's for you. And you were in my dream last night - check the other blog! BFF!

  3. Very nice... I have the Oak Aged Yetti on my 'to-do' list. Have you tried the Old Rasputin and Peg Leg RIS's?

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