Friday, June 26, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: A Big Ol' DIPA

What a day yesterday. Farrah Fawcett and, more importantly, Michael Jackson. Having mixed feelings about the latter (and no feelings about the former), I still feel sad. I don't know if he hurt children. But I do know that he was hurt as a child, that he wrote some amazing songs, did some amazing things, and challenged people's notions of race and gender, as he got a lot of crap for not fitting into an easily understood box.

So, I'd like to rewind the time. Yesterday's brew was in honor of MJ. So listen to the embedded video. Go on now!

Alrighty then. After work, hitting up a local brew spot, I tried an Avery's Maharaja. (stock photos used - I was nerdy enough to take notes at the bar, but not to take pictures). The Maharaja is an Imperial India Pale Ale (IIPA) also called a Double India Pale Ale (DIPA), meaning extra hoppy and extra alcohol. I have a nephew named Avery, so I like saying "Avery's DIPA" because it sounds like "Avery's Diaper." This is only my 2nd brew from Avery, the first being THE BEAST, a massive 16%ABV strong Belgian dark. Likewise, Majaraha was also an intense brew with 10.2% ABV. That's like...Over 2 Miller Lite's worth of booze. It contains 102 IBUs (International Bitterness Units). IPAs tend to start at 40+ IBUs, and some people say that 100 IBUs is the limit that people can detect. Therefore, the Maharaja is taking it to the limits, bitterness-wise. It's also a limited-edition summer brew. Phew, that was educational.
A) 10 ounces was served in a tulip glass. It was pretty. It looked like ruby-red grapefruit juice with a hefty 1.5 inches of fluffy white head. The foam took a while to dissipate and left a white ring for the duration of the beverage. Thick rings of lacing coated the glass.
S) Hops in your face. Hops, grapefruit, pines, possibly a little something sweeter in the smell like caramel or apple. Mostly hops though.
T) Like it smells. Ended on a definite bitter note, and my mouth still tasted like hops an hour after I finished it, probably coated in hop oil.
MF)well carbonated.
D) Good. This is no "session beer" nor one you're gonna down a 6-pack of. 10 ounces was plenty and it took me a good 30-45 minutes to savor.

I REALLY liked his. I like a good IPA and hops, but even for me it was a little too bitter at the end. Although the final sip filled me with euphoria that I could chalk up to the hop-cannibis relationship. Or simply the delight at getting to try another one of Avery's impressive beers.


Rest in Peace, Michael!


  1. Wow, you seem to know a lot about beer. I'm impressed.

  2. It's been a fun project. I've learned a lot. I hope to try to make my own someday.