Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beer + Haikus = 4 Beer-kus

1) Dogfish Head 120 Minute: Imperial IPA (Delaware)

Over-hyped and -hopped?
Super sweet syrupy booze
20 Percent, Ugh.

Conclusion: Go for the DFH 90 minutes, ANY day. Your wallet, tastebuds, and brain
will thank thee. C-

2) Sherwood Forest's Blueberry Maiden: Fruit Beer (Massachusetts)

Sigh when will i learn?
lovely, tons of blueberries
still tastes like plastic

Conclusion: I want to like blueberry beers. I even garnished this one with blueberries. It smelled like blueberries. It tasted like blueberries. However, there was also an unfortunately strong smell/taste of plastic. C

3) Harpoon's Leviathan Series IPA: Imperial IPA (Vermont)
Gotta have my hops
A well-balanced IPA
Delish, orange, smooth

Conclusion: Very nice. My first from the Leviathan series. This was very pretty, and super hoppy but not overly bitter. There was a bit of sweetness in there that mellowed it out. I really enjoyed it. A-

4) Hoegaarden's Witbier: Wit/Wheat (Belgium)
Belgian Wit delight
Lemons, bubblegum, and wheat
A classic to try

Conclusion? Even if you're not gung-ho about Wits, this is lovely. Refreshing, crisp, and strong with the classic banana, bubblegum, cloves taste of Wits. This is actually the first time I've really noticed the bubblegum smell and taste. It could be a good summer session beer. A-

Now YOU write one!


  1. Your phone just cut out
    Blackberries are so stupid
    I like your blog, dude.

  2. I know, it just sucks
    Me and my phones are bad luck
    Thanks for reading, friend

  3. OMG what if we only communicated like this??

  4. Whoa! Sorry I'm only now seeing this! I'm in if you are!

  5. Not quite Reem. Try:

    "Woah! Sorry I am
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    I'm in if you are."

  6. Hey, my bad, best friend.
    I guess I wasn't thinking
    I'll try harder now.