Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dinner Party with Hop Stoopid

SO...I had a dinner party a few nights ago! Well, maybe "party" is stretching it. 2 colleagues came over for dinner, but when there's more than 1.5 people, in my book, it's a party. I had a 22 oz. bottle of Hop Stoopid to celebrate, by the Lagunitas Brewing Company in CA. I've heard good stuff, and enjoyed their Cappuccino Stout, so wanted to try it. Appearnce) Was a pretty amber, 1.5 fingers of fluffy off-white head, nice retention, and lovely lacing. Smell) Surprisingly sweet. Pineapple and honey, along with citrus/grapefruit hops.
Taste) I expected this to be more bitter and straight-forward hops, esp. with 102 IBUs. It was actually a little sweet at first, fairly mellow fruit/honey taste, followed by the bitter hops at the end. Delicious.
Mouthfeel) Good carbonation, medium-to-full feel
Drinkability) Great. Sometimes crisp and tasty IPAs are too easy to guzzle, but this was something to savor. Very pleasurable.
Hop Stoopid: A-
But what about dinner, you ask? Fear not. I made salmon burgers (which I never made before - so easy!)
And a cheese tray, naturally, to tease the app. That would be some olive-goat cheese and smoked muenster. Delicious.
My sister taught me about this roasted corn salad: roasted corn, red onion, black beans, and mango with lime juice and cumin = lovely.

And of course dessert - chocolate cupcakes courtesy of Hungry Girl. I do enjoy a delicious evening.

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