Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th! Come Hell or High Water...Melon

GOD. This weekend has ruled so much. 3 days off in a row with my partner is a rarity. We played basketball (meaning "around the world"). We tried to play disc golf but it was super muddy and swampy from the past 5 days of rain. But we played for a bit. We ate some delicious food. At a pub near the disc golf course I got the Best Dessert I Ever Had. It kind of looked like this picture, but it was baked in a ramekin.It was layered, from bottom to top as such: chocolate cake-thin layer of peanut butter-thin layer of chocolate sauce-vanilla ice cream-thick layer of caramelized marshmallow. It was ridiculously decadent.

We watched movies and cuddled and walked around downtown by the waterfront. We watched the fireworks. The fireworks were hard - this is our 2nd year here. Last year we sat up on a tall hill and had a great view but it was crowded. So this year we thought we'd try to sit down by the water. This was just as crowded but also there were no good views. There were trees or boats in the way. So we finally made our way up the hill and caught the 2nd half of the show very nicely. But my mood was then fouled by someone saying, "lesbians!" as they passed us (coincidence? i have no idea), the smoking teenagers in front of us, and seeing people with babies and dogs, both of which are not crazy about loud noises.

Overall though, very fun. For the 4th dinner we had veggie dogs, watermelon, & corn on the cob. Very summery, no? And to drink, a watermelon wheat beer from 21st Amendment Brewing.
I had never heard of this brewing company before, but admit the packaging caught my eye and thought watermelon was a good flavor for the 4th. The 21st Amendment, btw, repealed the 18th amendment (Prohibition).

A) Straw-colored, semi-hazy, between amber and yellow. Thin white foam disappeared quickly leaving no head or lacing.

S) Mildly wheaty and lemony with a definite (but not overpowering) smell of watermelon

T) Like it smelled. Watermelon was the most defined taste, but again, not over-powering.

MF) Crisp and a little thin.

D) Very high. It was refreshing enough, tasty enough, and a 5.5%ABV makes it no trouble to have a few of these. Plus I was fancy and garnished mine with a watermelon slice.

Overall, tasty and a nice addition to a fantastic July 4th weekend. But, also a little boring and nothing I'll be rushing back for.


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