Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Judged By Its Cover: Speakeasy's Prohibition Ale

Well, my beer intake has decreased as of late. The good news? I've been real busy and lost weight. The bad news? Boring! I like my beer.

I got this Prohibition Ale on a whim. The bottle is awesome. The label is great, the name is fun, and best of all? Creepy eyes looking at you from the neck.

This is an amber ale, coming from Speakeasy Brewery in San Francisco. "Amber Ales" are amber to deep red in color, generally malty, and somewhat fruity. The bottle boasts that this one is aggressively hopped as well.

A) Caramel-amber with a thin white head that disappears quickly.

S) Malt-heavy. Caramel and raisins. An edge of hops does come through.

T) The hops come out more in the taste, but it's still very sweet. Caramel-malts, slight piney-hops, some bread, and a bit of alcohol taste after a while.

MF) Medium-bodied

D) Pretty good. It is refreshing and tasty. 6.1%ABV is reasonable to have a couple. While it may be hoppy for the style, it's still too sweet and malty for me to have more than 1. But worth a try. I'd give another style from this brewery a shot.


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