Monday, September 7, 2009

Day of Labor: With Dogfish Head's Burton Baton

Happy Labor Day! I'd say I have a good work ethic, and therefore deserve a day off like my other fellow Americans fortunate enough to be employed. It was LOVELY having a 3-day weekend, although busy. I'd really like to learn how to kick back and do nothing. You'd think I'd be good at that, what with this beer hobby of mine, and all. But no. Still a good weekend. I picked up a new piece of furniture, cleaned the apartment, hung some art, played with the kitty...Good times!

I did celebrate with some Dogfish Head Burton Baton. A mixture of their DELICIOUS 90 minute imperial IPA with an oak-aged English strong ale to create...An oak-aged imperial IPA. What the heck is the point of oak aging beer? Well, it mellows it out. Adds some woody-ness. Just in case beer needed yet another sexual innuendo. I love a lot of what Dogfish Head does, but I also have been disappointed with them. I was really looking forward to trying Burton Baton.
Appearance: Very pretty. A hazy reddish-amber. The thin fizzy head quickly disappeared leaving just a rim of bubbles.

Smell: This is when I started to get nervous. Upon opening the bottle, the smell of alcohol just poured out. This was replaced by sweet malts. Where are my hops? The smell was slightly reminiscent of their (disappointing) 120 minute - too much sugary malts and alcohol.

Taste: The smell made me apprehensive, but the taste, for the most part, improved things. It definitely had some caramel-malts going on with the wood-y taste balancing some pineapple-citrus and floral hops. Some tastes were nice and mellow and I could see what the beer could be. Other sips were too strong in alcohol taste and malts.

Mouthfeel: actually really nice. Felt soft with somewhat low carbonation.

Drinkability: Pretty good, especially for a 10% ABV. It's a sipper with rich complex tastes. I would rate it higher if the alcohol was less prominant and if the hops did not get lost in the sweet malts. It was $16 for a 4-pack. One bottle I put in my "aging box." It will be interesting to see how it fares with time.


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  1. Aging box. Nice

    This brew has been on my 'must check out' list for some time now. Your review has caused me to move it up a couple of slots on the list...

    Oak aging is the shit :)