Sunday, September 20, 2009

More on Oktoberfest: Flying Dog's Dogtoberfest

Good people drink good beer - Hunter S. Thompson (used as Flying Dog's logo)
Oktoberfest has been celebrated in Munich since 1810, when a prince organized a horse race in honor of his upcoming marriage. It was celebrated with the race, and lots of beer. It's still a big party, albeit with a lack of horses. Current celebrations have over 6.5 million people and serve over 6.5 million liters (or something) of beer. WHOOOOOH! Par-tay. I prefer my quiet living room with the company of my gf and cat, thankyouverymuch.

I really have not tried Oktoberfest styles of beer, or Marzens, besides a couple of small samples last weekend. I randomly picked up this 6-pack of Flying Dog's Dogtoberfest. I never tried Flying Dog either - it's an interesting brewery. It started in CO and now distributes out of Maryland, as well. The packaging is known for having unique cartoon designs, created by a friend of Hunter S. Thompson (who is friends with the brewery's owner).

This Dogtoberfest looked like liquid caramel as it poured from the bottle into a pint glass. The thin brown head quickly fizzled away and left small spots of lace. It smelled mostly of sweet caramel malts, along with apples.

The taste: sour caramel apples, sweet malts, wheat or rye bread, and bitter hops towards the end. I tend to like hoppier beverages, but I liked this the more I drank this. It felt smooth and was not overly carbonated. It "sat on my tongue for a spell", coating my mouth with deliciousness.

Later I enjoyed the beverage alongside a feast. I made it myself. Chicken (fake for me, real for the gf), falaffel, hummus wraps, brown rice with tabouli and feta, yogurt-cucumber sauce, roasted garlic and stuffed olives. Impressed, no? NOM NOM.

Overall, this was a fairly sweet but balanced brew. On the Flying Dog website, I learned that they import all German products (hops, malt, yeast) for an authentic Oktoberfest beer. It was a pleasant drink and with 5.3%ABV it's easy to have several, particularly alongside some oom-pah music. I'm not sure I love the style of the Marzen, but I definitely enjoy this brew enough.



  1. Hey there SophisticatedBrew, i just wanted to tell you about a new beer I tried tonight. Carolyn and I got to have dinner out at our favorite place, The Taphouse, b/c my mother-in-law was here to babysit. I usually just order Duvel, but when I told the server I wanted to try something new, he got REALLY enthusiastic and recommended an ale by the Three Philosophers brewery. I don't know if you have tried them. He warned me it is strong but that it had a nice cherry taste, and I really enjoyed it and it lasted throughout my entire meal (whereas normally I might drink 2 Duvels at least). I was more excited about the food: goat cheese- artichoke dip followed by "BLT mussels" cooked in a sauce of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes and topped whimsically with a small BLT sandwich on white bread. Then coffee and a homemade ice cream sandwich. DEEEELISH.
    the beer = A- (I think too strong for me as I feel tipsy after just one and a huge meal! But lovely flavor and color).
    dinner out without the boy: A+

  2. Holy crap, that meal sounds amazing. I think you are talking about Three Philosophers quad by the Ommegang brewery - in NY but they make Belgian-style beers.

    The only Ommegang I've tried is their Witte (actually at your place! The night you got Hannah a Fudgey the Whale). :) I'll totally try the Three Philosophers. I've seen it, but I think the price tag has disuaded me. However, I trust your judgement. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yeah, it was that Ommegang brewery, and yes, at $10 for the bottle, 1 was plenty! (Of course I realize that restaurants jack up the prices). It really was good though, but I'm not that picky . . .