Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stimulating My Economy with Golden Anniversary Beer

Sorry to be gross. But I did stimulate my economy. Ahem. I am totally unfamiliar with Genesee Brewing but it bought Fred Koch's Brewery in 1985 (which was originally founded 100 years earlier)in Rochester, NY. Anyways, it has a reputation in New England, mainly for being affordable, and when I came across a 6-pack of Golden Anniversary Beer for $3.49, my wallet said YES PLEASE.
It poured the color of watered down lemonade. Even a very gentle pour created a huge head of mounds of white foam. It left spots of lacing on the pint glass. The smell was mild; corn, wheat, minor amounts of hops/malts. The taste was also mild. Watery. A metallic edge, but also a sweet edge. Bread/corn - some fairly nuetral carby taste.
It's thin and watery, but well-carbonated. Just 4.4% ABV, so it's on the light side of booziness.

Honestly, it's a basic American Lager. But I do enjoy it more than Budweiser/Miller/Coors. There is a light, slightly sweet, flavor that makes it more refreshing that BMC which tends to gross me out more than not. And at 58 cents a can...It's a helluva bargain.


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  1. I think it is gone. No longer on the Genesee Brewing website and I can't seem to find it anywhere.