Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stressed Out = Thailand's Chang

Okay, I was REALLY STRESSED the other day. Cuz of boring job stuff. Anyways, it was stressful all day and then I really wanted a beer. But not a delicious beer to savor and appreciate. I wanted a shitty cheap beer in order to feel somewhat more relaxed. I went to the haven of Luke's Discount Liquor. This place was pretty fantastic. A huge aisle was dedicated to nothing but imported beers and besides the usual sizable Belgian/English/German beers they also had a large Asian section. Besides that, plenty of US Micros. But I was not there for any of that. I was there for the crap. So I followed the Budweiser signs back to the cooler. Hmmm...I planned to get a nice 22 oz. of Bud Light or Miller Light or something. Maybe even a 40! But when I got back there, I really couldn't justify spending even $1.50 on something gross. Then I saw the $2.99 22 oz. bottles of Chang. I figured, for basically the same price, let's try something new.

Upon my arrival home, I poured it into a pint glass. It was crystal clear, and dark yellow-ish orange with a tiny white fizzy head that instantly disappeared. No lacing or anything. The smell was strong and poured out of the bottle. It smelled like apples and corn. A lot like Bud or Miller. Also, frankly, kind of like urine.

While it tasted mostly like the watery/corn-y US Macros, it was a little bit sweeter - almost (midly) like apple cider. This had high drinkability, because the flavor was not strong but it was kind of bland, sweet, watery, and not terribly interesting or delicious. Overall gross, but hey, it was a decent distraction to end a less than decent day.


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