Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Beer from India: Maharaja

Not gonna lie - the cool label, the $1.79 (or something) price-tag, and the fact that it's from India is what made me instantly throw it into my shopping basket. I do not believe I have had an Indian beer, so I was excited to try the Maharaja Premium Indian Pilsner.

Now the "pilsner," if you will, is a German-style of beverage. Light in color and with some spice, hops, and possibly even some "zest."This looked like ginger ale. Light, straw-colored, and fizzy. No foam at all. It tasted and smelled like watery corn and apple. But honestly, it was kind of good. Kind of bland, kind of sweet, nothing too complex. I'd take it over a Bud any day.


  1. Have you never had a Taj Mahal beer?!?! Next time you get Indian food, you must order one. I'm not as Sophisticated as you, SophisticatedBrew, but I love me a great big ole' Taj Mahal.

  2. Thanks I have taste this and agree with you a good beer stylish and good smell - what an awesome beer.