Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa, I've Been Alright:

'Tis the season bitches! (as they say). I <3 Xmas. And this blog is in no way a passive agressive hint to my true love of what to get me on the 12 days of Xmas. Not at all. No turtle doves, please. But...I do have some special wishes that may reflect what other beer lovers could enjoy.

1) Mr. Brew Home-Brewing Kit. I saw this on sale at Target. I thought it was $25, but maybe it was $50. Anyways, this is a deal. I don't know anything about homebrewing (yet!) but can only imagine it is messy and smelly and takes up a lot of space if you only live in a 1-bedroom apartment. But still.

2)Cool beer-related shirts*.("Life is too short to drink shitty beer" - in German for subtlety).Puns are always a plus.
*Note: I am trying to become a beer expert. Not a fashion expert. Don't hate.

Not to be confused with uncool beer-related shirts*.
I am no fashion expert, but I do not believe vomit has ever been cool.No. Please, no.

3) Sam Adams' Color Spectrum/To-Do List
I've seen this on billboards, and I really like it. It's eye-catching and shows the vast array of brew colors. You can buy it as a magnet, but I'd prefer a ginormous poster of it. I don't think that exists, however.

4) Actual beer. Especially Star Wars themed. Imperial Stout Trooper comes from New England Brewing in CT and is released on Dec. 21st. Yes, I mostly want it for the bottle. But it's supposed to be a good beer too.

5) Another new brew, that does not come out until January. Flying Dog's 20th Anniversary Brew: Hey, my birthday is in January! Hmmm...So anyways, this is TMI, but a certain friend and I used to call that certain time of the month a "raging bitch." There was more to it, I'm sure, and it was more hilarious than it sounds. Duh. So when I read about a beer by that name (and it's an IPA, heck yeah!) you know I'm all over that.

6) A million Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales. Seriously, one of the best winter brews ever. It's just a kick-ass IPA. Delicious, pretty, sticky, and refreshing.
Geez, how high maintenance and greedy am I? Not very, I swear. But, these are some hott items that deserve a place on any beer drinker's wishlist.

I love the holidays. Raise your glass, feel the love, and cheers!


  1. Great post Sarah, I really like the distinction between the good and bad beer-related shirts. Very helpful.

  2. Hahaha! Oh lord, I'm totally getting you each of those "bad" shirts.