Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I *Heart* A Good Mix-A-Six

When I first decided to learn about beer, I found a few places in my area that sold mix-a-six packs. They had a selection of individual bottles sold at individual prices, but mix a six of them, and save 10%! This is a fantastic concept for people trying to learn about the different varieties of beer. Having moved, I have not seen any places around my current place of residence that does this, however, I recently stumbled upon a place with a small but interesting mix-a-six area. Instead of having the bottles marked individually, the 6-pack was sold at a flat $10 rate.

I got 2 from the East. Sam Adams (Boston) and Heavy Seas (Maryland).

2 from the West. Avery (Colorado) and Sierra Nevada (California).

And 2 from outside the US. Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale (England) and Xingu (Brazil).

And apparently I had a holy theme going on here.

2 were oldies but goodies, one's I have had an enjoyed before - Sierra Nevada's Torpedo and Sam Adam's Holiday Porter. The others are all new to me. Whence beer shopping, I enjoy browsing. I could browse for a while. Reading labels. Pondering decisions. I usually do not have a ton of money to spend, so I make my selections thoughtfully. Therefore when the trying-to-be-helpful sales guy comes over and watches me selecting bottles with little comments about every one I look at or touch, it's annoying. I like talking beer and feel more comfortable doing so now. But dude, let me take my time and stop acting like a know-it-all. He also kept talking about how if you make smart decisions, you can actually save money on the flat rate. Yes, that is important to me, but not as important to me as getting an ineresting variety. Plus, there was some major crap - old summer ales and old bottles covered in dust. The one item I let his opinion influence me on was Avery's Stout. The only Avery products I've had were the deliciously intense Maharaja, and the scarily intense BEAST.

Reviews to come!

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