Wednesday, December 30, 2009


...Something way cooler than power converters from the finest of Tashi stations. More like, something to imbibe whilst avoiding doom in Mos Eisley Cantina.

Last year I saw "Imperial Stout Trooper" listed on a fancy beer bar's menu. It was $15. I thought "Cool name. But for $15? No way." For some reason this beer stuck with me. I love Star Wars. And I have started to love stouts and imperial stouts, at that. On I started to read inquiries about this beer a couple of months ago. I found out it was being released on December 21 from New England Brewing in Connecticut.
So on December 21st, I started to make phone calls. To the finest of liquor stores from Boston down to Cape Cod. Nothing. One place said they'd see if they could order it for me. This filled me with hope. A New Hope, if you will. It took them 4 days to call me back to inform me that, no, they would not be able to order any. Another place said "They might have some the next day" when the order came in. I stopped by. Nothing. I read online that this was made in a very limited quantity, hardly any came to MA, and that it was "selling like hotcakes."
I gave up. I will never be one with Imperial Stout Trooper. And then...I read online today. Again, Someone mentioned that on Christmas Eve, Village Vineyards in Plymouth (5 minutes from my home!) got a case in. What?! I had called them previously, and they said they were not carrying it. But as soon as I read this news, I called. The guy said, sure, they have 12 bottles sitting right at the store's entrance.SCORE!!! I flew over to that store faster than a rebel in hyperspace. I wished I had more money. But 2 750 ml bottles at $16.50 each is already steep. But oh, how exciting.

One will be for my birthday. One...For a trade? To sell? To gift to someone extremely deserving with whom the force is strong? Who knows. This is the most time and energy I've spend on finding a beer. Totally gratifying.


  1. Hahahah! "A New Hope!" You're hilarious, and I'm extremely happy that it all worked out and you got it! So do we have to wait til your birthday to hear about the mouthfeel??

  2. Thanks for listening to me geek out. And, oh lady, you'll hear all about the mouthfeel and more!