Sunday, December 6, 2009

Warming Up with Sam Adams Cream Stout

It's already December! Yet...Not a flake of snow to be seen, and 2 days ago it was 70 degrees. What the hey! X-Mas is in 19 days! Hard to believe. However, whence shopping for brewskis it is clear the winter season is upon us. Holiday ales and winter brews abound. Something about cooler weather (at least theoretically cooler weather) lends itself to craving darker beers.

I picked up a 6-pack of Sam Adam's Cream Stout, an award-winning brew from the Sam Adam's Brewmaster Collection.
This is a lovely ale. It pours an extremely dark brown-to black, with mounds of fluffy tan head with decent retention and plenty of lace. Oooh la la! It smells like coffee with vanilla cream and dark bitter cocoa.The strongest taste is coffee, along with cream and sugar, roasted malts, and some vanilla and caramel. This is a rich beer with strong flavor, but it is not overly sweet at all like some other milk stouts.

This is a creamy, rich drink. Very good and easy to drink. It only has 4.8% alcohol which is on the low side and helps it to be a relatively sessionable stout. You could have it for dessert! Or with a fancy dessert!


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  1. Mmm sounds tasty. I haven't seen this one around yet, I will have to look for it!