Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 from Brazil: Palma Louca, Xingu

On a recent visit home (Michigan) I got to geek out a bit with my pops. He enjoys a brewski or 2, and had a variety as usual. 2 happened to be from Brazil, so we tried them both.

My dad even humored me and let me photograph him with our 2 samples.

On the left: Palma Louca, a yellow/ginger-ale-ish looking beverage with a tiny white fizz of a head.
On the right: Xingu, a pretty dark brown ale with reddish edges; almost a deep burgandy. No head, low carbonation.

Palma Louca: This unassuming mild-mannered liquid is...Well, just that. Virtually no smell. The taste is extremely mild. Extremely watery. Pops thought it was "almost cidery". Kinda pilsner-y. Kind of sweet. But mostly watery. Too bad.
Palma Louca: D

Xingu: Defiitely had a little more going on. The smell was vaguely sweet but also mild. The taste is surprising. Sweet. "Almost like a cola" said the pops. But light. This is a "black beer", (or Schwarzbier) and perhaps the first dark beer I've had that was not robust and flavorful like a stout or porter.
The website is interesting; this beer was actually founded in the 1980s through Amazon, Inc, a women-founded group destined to prevent the extinction of rare beers! This beer represents a style used by both the native Amazonians as well as the European settlers.

I'm not familiar with this style, but it was different. Besides the sweetness, and the vague maltiness or dark-fruitiness, I could not really identify anything else in the taste. No hops to be smelled or tasted. It was somewhat thin but coated the mouth nicely and felt refreshing. Under 5% alcohol also makes this a drinkable beer.

Xingu: B-

Cheers to sharing beer with my dad and trying new things!

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  1. I love that you did a beer review with your Dadoo! Maybe he can write a guest entry on your blog sometime, eh? Special Guest, all the way from Okemos, Michigan!!!