Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nugget Nectar of the Gods

Be prepared to drool. I have found it. Quite possibly my favorite beer. Ever. In. Life. For the second time in my amatuerish beer-geeking life, I hunted. Luckily, this hunt was easy. I knew it had recently been shipped out from Troeg's, so I called one place. They said no. I stopped at a second place; when I inquired at the counter, the gentleman excitedly ran to the back to get me a bottle from the case. It had just come in and had not even been opened yet. Score!
Everything about this screams "DRINK ME NOW!" If I were Alice and this was in Wonderland, I'd be tiny. Or huge. Or drunk.

I mean, look at the label. A big fat green bud of a hop nugget (hmm...) being squeezed of it's juices and oils.

Then, I opened the bottle and it just got better. Beautiful clear amber liquid with a thick fluffy white head. It receded slowly, leaving massive lace and fluff sitting on top. And the delicious smell poured out of the bottle. Holy hops! Citrus, sweet florals, and fresh hops. Just smells fresh in general.
So this is an "amber ale" which is basically a reddish ale that tends to be fruity and malty. Indeed, despite the picture and smell, there are some definite malty notes present. There was lots of sweet notes with citrus, honey, florals, pineapple, and also some caramel malts. There was also a definite bitter side of hops. Some sips were a litle sweeter, some more bitter. It felt balanced. And did I mention delicious?
This was smooth, medium, refreshing, and delicious from start to finish. Powerful smell, powerful flavor, but never overpowering, if you will.
The embarassing part is...I enjoyed it so much that I actually felt sad when I was done with it. Like, "That's it? You're done? We're through?" I needed some closure.
So I got another bottle the following weekend. You know, just to make sure that it was as awesome as I thought it was.
And it was.


  1. Yay! An A+ beer! Um..."tiny. Or huge. Or drunk." ??? You are brilliant.

  2. This is beautifully written. Do you ever try Japanese beers? I only ask b/c Carolyn and I went out for sushi to celebrate our anniversary, and we each got a Japanese beer and they were SO GOOD! I had Asahi, which I'd had before at karaoke, and Carolyn had "a new Japanese beer" but since the label was written all in Japanese, I couldn't tell you what it was called. But enormous bottles and delicious ales. Amazing sushi. And our friends had called the restaurant to pay for our dinner as a surprise. A++!