Saturday, March 6, 2010

EVIL STOUT: Mephistopheles

Hmm, there seems to be a devilish trend of several brews I've had. This is 1 of Avery Brewing Company's series of 3 "Demons of Ale." I previously had another one from these series: the Beast.
It pours black as night, black as your soul, black as the chest cavity where Satan's heart would go. The smell is rich but mild. Dark coffee, bitter chocolate, nuts, dark fruits. As it warms, these flavors all grow strong, but also include a definite alcohol presence in both feel and taste. Towards the end both the alcohol and the dark fruits (figs, grapes) are very in-your-face, making it a little difficult to finish. A beer this big (over 16% alcohol and over 100 IBUs) definitely requires a sinful snack. I don't know much (yet!) about pairing food and beer. But I can tell you what does not go well together. Mephistopheles and Dorito's 2nd degree burn. You would think they would compliment each other perfectly. A satanic stout with chips hotter than the fires of hell, right? Wrong. My mouth was burning, and the beverage did not help. But chocolate ice cream with this stout? Totally delicious. The sweet chocolate went excellently with the bitter coffee and dark chocolate flavors of the beer. Both had creamy textures and cooled off my scorched tongue. (Yeah those chips are really hot).

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  1. I can't believe there's a Dorito called "Second Degree Burn." Wow. Do you know about their "late night" line? Like...Tacos at Midnight, All-Night Cheeseburger, and Last Call JalepeƱo Poppers. I'm serious.