Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away with Pollinator

Sigh...There has been some mad rain here. The weather is like 70 degrees and sunny one day, and 30 degrees and stormy the next. It messes with my Seasonal Affective Disorder, for sure. And screams for some Spring-like delights. Such as this Pollenator from Long Trail brewing in Vermont.
It sure looks Spring-y. Pollen is all about the birds and the bees and flowers. This is a limited release beer, in celebration of Long Trail's 20th anniversary. It comes in a 22 oz. bottle, and was inexpensive at $2.50. The color was lovely - a golden amber, slightly hazy, and with a small white head with some nice lacing. The smell surprised me; it was more malt-dominant than I expected for a pale ale. There was a bit of hoppiness as well, and some citrus. The taste was also malty, with sweet lemon and honey. There also was a bitter hop bite but that was a minor aspect of the flavor. I don't know what pollen tastes like, but I detected something that could be pollen. The Pollenator was light and crisp, refreshing, and tasty. A different kind of pale ale.

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