Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Saison: Victory's Helios

So I tried my first Saison not long ago and was interested in trying another! I found this 22 oz bottle of Helios from Victory Brewing in PA at the quite reasonable price of $2.99. The label was so friendly and welcoming - a smiling sun in a glass! Delightful! As I opened it there was a loud PFFFFFT and the lovely smell filled the room and carbonation filled the glass as I poured. The head was massive and fluffy. It lasted forever and left puffs of lace all over the glass. The liquid was cloudy yellow with small yeast sediments. And the smell! I don't think I have the strongest sense of smell. But oh man...There were some powerful esters going in this guy! Spicy pepper, Belgian yeast, grassy hops, mildly sweet malts, lemon...Delightful!And Helios was very tasty as well! Belgian yeast, some spice, lemon, a bit of grass. Kind of reminded me of a white wine at times. Dry -- leaves you wanting more! And more! As it warmed the spices and sour flavor stood out to me more. Even at 7.5% alcohol, I did not detect it in the taste.

Also as it warmed the carbonation stayed extremely huge. I even had a carbonation overflow during my second pour. Not sophisticatd!

The mouthfeel was very light on the tongue, and extremely crisp to the point of almost feeling sharp as I swallowed. I just typed that without laughing, by the way. Okay, maybe a little.

I REALLY liked this. Saisons are supposed to pair well with lots of food. I ate some "flavor x-treme" cheddar goldfish with this and thought it was excellent. Sour, crisp ale and salty, cheesey crackers? It's good for me!!


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