Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cooking With Beer: Stout Brownies

So I've been reading and watching stuff about beer for a while now, and finding it increasingly interesting as I go. Right now cooking with beer and pairing craft beer with food in fine dining situations is "hot." I've seen a couple of "wine vs beer" debates (scroll down for one clip from the authors of "He Said Beer, She Said Wine."

In a local beer rag they always print a recipe using beer. I've read of recipes using things like rabbit, leeks, figs, pork belly, thyme, fennel, porcini...Basically things I'd probably never attempt. (But never say never!) Prior to this hard-core research of mine, I've only heard of Beer Butt Chicken. (That picture makes me wanna barf). But as I was getting ready to have a nice Russian Imperial Stout from Hoppin Frog in Ohio, I thought "brownies!" The only recipes I could find were to make brownies from scratch, which I was not up for. So I had to "fudge" the measurements, if you will.
1 box brownie mix
2 eggs
1 cup stout
Bake 'n Eat.
The result? Pretty yum! A little more "cake-like" than "fudge-like" but still nice and chewey. The stout flavor came through more than I expected, adding a nice edge of bitterness and richness to the brownies, so they weren't just straight-up chocolate. Next time I'd probably go nuts and make them from scratch - I'm sure its worth it. But this was cool...More "cooking" with beer (hey, maybe next time real cooking with no quotation marks) to come!


  1. Yum! Try these, too:

  2. Ehy? Beer butt chicken is a delicious way to cook a chook. There's nothin' better tastin' than a Bud beer butt chicken.