Thursday, June 10, 2010

MIDWEST!!! Wisconsin: New Glaurus Spotted Cow

I feel a lot of state pride today. I was reared in Michigan from age 1-18. Then my studies and journies took me to Wisconsin, Philly, Chicago, back to Wisconsin, back to Michigan, and out to New England.

Now I'm back in the saddle. In the saddle of Michigan, that is. You know what? People are nice here. People are looking out for me, trying to help me find a job. People are looking out for my folks, who have some health issues. There are some great places and people here, if you know where to find them.

The Midwest also has some mighty fine beers. I got a visit from BFF Reem who brought with her genuine Wisconsin beer from the New Glaurus Brewery. Reem and I were busy as always, eating delicious food, spending time with the family, and watching the cats be funny. But we did manage to find some time to drink Spotted Cow while "sunning" outside. Having gone to college in Wisconsin, this was a popular beer amongst students. But I don't really recall having it much or having much opinion about it. Of course, that was before my "sophisticated brew" days, when good beer = cheap/free. Spotted Cow is a "cream ale," according to, which means it is a light lager style of beer brewed like it is an ale. They tend to be low on hops, light, and mild. The New Glarus website defines the style as a "Naturally Cloudy Farmhouse Ale." The yeast stays in the bottle, and there are Wisconsin malts and corn. Let's check it out!(My parents are in the middle of re-doing their kitchen which is why the wall behind the beer looks a bit tattered).

It poured a pale orange, hazy, thin fizzy white head, with a multitude of bubbles quickly streaming up to the top. For a minute I got lost in the beauty of this perpetual motion and felt like I was staring at a lava lamp.

The scent is mild, kind of wheat-y, and fruity. Definitely no strong hop scent standing out.

Likewise, the taste is also mild. There is a bit of sweet apple, corn, and malts. Just a tiny bit of hops to balance it out.

Spotted Cow is fairly crisp, soft, and smooth. This is a good summer beer, easy to drink and enjoy. Nothing extreme or over the top about it. Just a nice easy-drinking ale. At just 5% alcohol, go ahead and have 2. Like me.