Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ooooooh...Pink!: Short's Soft Parade

Short's is local to me, and I haven't had much from this esteemed Michigan brewery, namely their delicious Huma-Lupa-Licious. So I went to the store to check out their other selections.
I walked in, gazing upon the shelves.
And then...A very beautiful woman stared at me. Her long hair rested upon her back as she sat, relaxing in her recliner, sexy long legs gently resting on the ground. Do I want her? Do I want to be her? I don't know but add in a pink background and the marketing department clearly knows what it's doing! I took her home.

I poured some into 2 wine glasses. Big for me, small for dad. It poured a hazy red/peach color with a small bubbly white head. When swirled, a viscious residue was left on the glass sides.
When discussing odors I am tempted to talk about "the nose" but fear it may be pretentious. Ah, well. "The nose" was strong. Strawberries, sweet candy, peach, a touch of alcohol. I asked my dad what he thought of "the nose." He said, "Its fruity as all get-out!" And there you have it.

The bottle claims to have an ale brewed with strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. I can taste the first three, but not so much of the latter. At first a plastic-like artificial taste hit me, which is often the case with fruit beers. However, it decreased quickly, and as the beer warmed up, I warmed up to it. It has a yeast flavor similar to some Belgian ales. Sweet malts, tartness, and noticeable alcohol add to the very fruity flavor. Apparently this is a rye ale as well, but I could not detect any rye.

Overall, this is not a style I typically care for. But this was one of the better fruit beers I've ever had. Plus it was fairly boozey at I believe 9% ABV, but it was subtle in the taste. Good enough to have a 2nd, not good enough to seek out again. I'll see what else Short's has to offer.


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