Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wisconsin Beer Love

Madison, Wisconsin is my happy place. I lived there for a glorious 1.5 years in my early 20s and may live there again one day. There are some people I kinda like there. You know, who aren't total suckos. I got to visit recently and managed to find some time for some beer education. Or as I like to call it, beerucation.
This blurry pic is a delicious Hemp Porter from the delicious Old Fashioned. Not pictured is the fried cheese curds that accompanied it that I now crave frequently.

I brought home 2 local beer souvenirs, or as I like to call them, beervenirs. Is that gonna get annoying?

1)Furthermore's Fatty BoomBalatty. I met these dudes once a few years back at a tasting, and they were really nice! Reem reminded me that they have a beer that tastes like bacon; this is not it. This is billed as a "dangerously drinkable Belgian." I have to agree.

Its a cloudy orange-amber with lots of visible retention, a nice foamy white head that has crazy retention and left lots of lace. It smelled great, just a little wheat, some banana, and definite Belgian yeast.

The taste was spot on to its description too. Not super wheaty and with some hoppy bitterness. The yeast flavor is strong, the hop bite is nice, and the hints of citrus and banana are good too. All strong flavors, all really tasty. It works. This is crazy good and very drinkable. Solid A.
2. Lake Louie Brewing's Kiss the Lips IPA. I admit, the price and name/label were my deciding factors with this purchase. There was almost no information on the bottle except for the slogan "This is livin.'" Yeah!!

This IPA poured a cloudy orange-amber with a fluffy white head.

It does not have a strong nose at all. Mostly kind of a sweet citrus smell, like pineapple.

Likewise, the taste is a little weak for me. Citrusy hops and pineapple dominate, with a little bit of bitterness. It felt a little thin and watery. I like my IPAs to be a punch in the mouth of hop bitterness, and this is definitely not like that. Pleasant enough though not my favorite IPA. B-
Extra points for the label. KISS THE LIPS!


  1. I'm so glad you had time for beerucation! And I love the beer puns :)

  2. Yay! You should visit your happy place as often as possible. There will always be a couch with your name on it, along with a friend who's a total bitch sometimes. That's me.

    I love the Fatty. The Furthermore guys will be happy about your review! I haven't tried that Lake Louie, but yeah, with a name like that, I'd expect excellence. You should just go kiss a human's lips instead of drinking that again.

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